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Rescue boat and liferaft davit & crane

Rescue boat and liferaft davit & crane

Lifeboat Davit

Davits for open type lifeboats, rescue boats, totally enclosed lifeboats, and free fall lifeboats. 
And the matching boat davit. All products have been comply with " 1974 international convention for safety of life at sea", 
2006 amendments MSC.216(82) ,  International Life-Saving Appliances Code (LSA)and amendments MSC.218(82) & MSC.272(85), 
Testing of Life-Saving Appliances MSC. 81(70) and amendments MSC.226(82) & MSC.274(85). 
The life-saving appliances have been approved by the class societies of ZC, CCS, ABS, BV, KR, RINA, EC, etc.. 
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Single arm slewing Hydraulic cargo crane
This Hydraulic cargo crane is mainly used for lifting and lowering rescue boat, and also for lowering life raft.
Additionally, it is also acted ad crane based on client's requirement.

Signal arm hydraulic slewing boat/raft davit and crane(Hydraulic davit)
Name Unit Data
Max.Working load KN 14 23 25
Slewing radius mm R≤5400 R≤5400 R≤5500
Max.Slewing load/Hoisting load KN 14
Hoisting speed of Wire-rope m/min ≥18
Lowering speed of Wire-rope m/min 40~60
Max.Slewing angle m ≤330
Stored power Slewing angle
Slewing speed instored power driven r/min 0.5~0.8
Slewing speed in electric power driven r/min ≥0.25
Diameter of wire rope mm 16
Capacity of drum m 30

Table Main Parameters(Hydraulic davit)
Type R(mm) L(mm)
14KN ≤5400 4700
23KN ≤5400 4700
25KN ≤5500 4700

Fast resuce boat crane & Electric davit
Electric davit Launching appliance of rescue boat("A" type frame type davit)
This lifesaving appliance is special equipment used on board for launching and recovering a fast rescue boat.
This appliance is provided with wave compensation unit, which meet with requirement for use on board the vessel.

Model  S.W.L Hoisting load Hoisting speed Lowering speed              Notes
NM30 30KN 30KN ≥48M/MIN 48-60M/MIN With constant tension,
Anti pendulum system .
NMAR30 30KN 30KN ≥18M/MIN 40-60M/MIN Electric winch
NMAR60 60KN 60KN ≥18M/MIN 40-60M/MIN Electric winch

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