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Lifeboat Hooks Release Mechanism

Lifeboat Hooks Release Mechanism

 lifeboat and rescue boat release hook
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For all ships, not later than the first scheduled dry-docking after July 1st 2014, but not later than July 2019. Lifeboat on-load release mechanisms not complying with Sections to of the code shall be replaced with equipment that complies with the code.
Model SWL Model SWL
HT40 4T FHT80 8T
HT40A 4T FHT90 90KN
HT50B 5.5T LB35MARS 35KN
HT50A 6T LB60MR 60KN
FHT70 4.5T LB70MRS 70KN
HT70 8T LB80MR 80KN
HT115 115KN MB120MR  

We can provide Rescue Boat Hooks, Lifeboat Hook System. And some other Marine Equipment.


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