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Floating platform

Floating platform

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Colors: Blue
Weight: 7kgs
Buoyancy: 350kg/ m2
Material: HDPE with UV
Size: L:50 x W:50 x H:40/cm

1, Raw material is high-density polyethylene (HMWHDPE), Corrosion resistant, antifreeze, antioxidant, anti violet lines of reinforced material, free from sea water, chemicals, chemicals, oil stains and water biological erosion; no pollution, no pollution to the environment

2, floats pontoon top surface is anti-skid design, security and stable; Four corners are arc obtuse angle shape, avoid cement, wood, iron facilities common danger, for example: slip, broken wood, rusty nail stab etc.

3, with high capacity, floating pontoon are stable, long time service, the each square meter buoyancy can reach 350kg.

4, The service life can reach 15 years, In addition to the strong natural and man-made improper use, no need any maintenance, maintenance costs

5, assembly is simple, fast, flexible and diverse modeling, adopts module structure, can change the platform according to the requirements. The floating pontoon with bright colors, good shape, suit for different needs

6, The cost is reasonable and economical. It can save a large amount of maintenance, maintenance, replacement, overhaul costs and time

7, Have many different accessories, such as mooring bollards, anti-thrombus, billiards, guardrail, landing ladder, can berthing different small and large ship; and because of the characteristics of water floating platform on the buoyancy, it can floating up and down according to the water level. Passengers can on board embarkation and disembarkation safety and comfort.

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