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Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket

Fire Control  Fire Fighting Equipment fire blanket is a type of special fiberglass stain texture.
It is a simple tool can put out fire at the fire control system.

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Fire blanket can be widely used in corporation, supermarket, vessel, car and house etc. 
It expecially be used in kitchen, hotel, recreation ground, gas station etc,
that can easy to be used in fire area, react on put out fire, prevention and cure the fire overspread, 
protection and flee for people life.

Fire Control Fire Fighting Equipment Fire blacket with compact structure, smooth, softness, 
it have no harm to user's skin. It can resistant high temperture up to 500degree. 
It can effectively protect human and object far fro heat sources and spark spread zone and block the burning.
At the earliest on fire, please directly put fire blanket on the fire, it will put out fire within few mins. 
Being softand ductile. Fire blanket is the ideal packing material to wrap the bobjects and equipment with rough wurface. 
It can be widely used in the frame work and repair work in the shipbuilding industry, 
and also in heat-insolation, insulation and welding in the petrochemical industry. 

Light weight, softness and smoothness, well handle, Fire Control
heat insulation, hight temperture resistance
fire resistance, self-extinguishable
Acid-resistance, alkaline-resistance
environment protection
repeat using

1.0*1.0m; 1.0*1.2m; 1.2*1.2m; 1.2*1.5m; 1.2*1.8m; 1.8*1.8m
OEM according to requirements
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